BMW and MINI Navigation Map Updates

To make navigation maps accurate and up to date, every year, BMW releases one or two newest map versions. For example, North America Next 2020-1 and North America Next 2020-2. They are many reasons for two map versions releases. All over the world, every day they are new roads made: new traffic lights, roundabouts, main roads, and new streets. Every country has new changes in road maps, mainly one-way system roads in the heart of the cities. If you are travelling a lot, you would appreciate Europe Next 2020-2 update even more. Why? The newest map versions give a lot of new POI such as petrol stations, car services, restaurants and hotels. Roads maintenance and replacements will never stop, and the best way to keep your car navigation maps accurate is to update them at least every year. 


BMW map update via USB is the way to do it. You would need to purchase new map data, FSC Code One time or Lifetime to be able to start the BMW navigation map update.


One Time FSC code costs less as you can use it only once. Any future map updates will require the FSC code again. A Lifetime FSC once entered into your vehicle, allows you map updates unlimited times without the FSC code. Map Data for each region is still required.

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