BMW i3 Power Modification

BMW i3 Power Modification

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This coding explores your BMW i3 real potential. Modification is available for all 94Ah and 120Ah cars REX and BEV pre LCI and LCI and it's absolutely safe with no errors after the update. This coding will bring you the following changes:

  • Power: 170HP > 184HP
  • Torque: 250Nm > 270 Nm
  • Max Speed: 150km/h > 162 km/h
  • +  SPORT mode gives an indirect pedal reaction

Remotely coding will be arranged after purchase individually with the customer and will take one hour. This upgrade requires the items below to be prepared by the customer: 

  • OBD diagnostic enet cable
  • 12V charger connection with a small battery for the time of update
  • Windows 10 based laptop with internet access in your car (home wifi, hot spot) and team viewer


Each of our customers left a review. Every customer's review after update "wooow... unbelievable."

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