Guidelines for Apple Carplay, Full Screen or Video in Motion Activation via PC

 Following Car features can be activated in RR, Toyota Supra, BMW and MINI using our App Tool:
Apple Carplay, Carplay Full Screen, Video In Motion
Please note that Full Screen Carplay will not work in MINI and Supra

Please note, you will need an ENET coding cable, Windows-based laptop (but not DELL) with internet access in your car.
If your vehicle has the latest Q, P, R, S, T, U, V, W firmware installed, then activation above features can be done only via ENET cable and the windows based laptop. Our company shares the programme, which allows you to activate Carplay, Carplay Full Screen or Video in Motion without any skills required. 
Please purchase the features you wish to enable, and we will send you the activation code. 

Activation - what needs to be done: 
1. Purchase the ENET cable   Link 
2. Download the Activation App Tool to your Windows laptop: Link 
3. Go to your car, connect your laptop to the internet network (home WiFi or share it from your mobile) 
4. Start the car engine 
5. Connect ENET cable to the car and your laptop (search for OBD/ENET port under the steering wheel) 
6. OPEN downloaded App Tool. It will ask you for the code sent by our company 

7. Type in the code and press CONTINUE
9. Click  IDENTIFY 
10. When the app reading the car details is finished, press START .
The system will restart itself a few times. Please wait for the message displayed about completed successful activation. Make sure the car engine is running, the cable has a good connection during the activation, the laptop battery is charged, and you have stable internet connection during the full process. The code can be reused unlimited times only in the same vehicle.



After Carplay has is activated, please remove your phone from the iDrive system (you will need to pair it again). Make sure your phone is placed under the central console (next to the cup holders), and the following phone settings are enabled:

WiFi, Bluetooth, Siri

Build-in WiFi antenna has a short-range, that's why your mobile phone has to be located under the central console while pairing and everyday feature use. The car will remember the latest phone connection - Carplay or ConnectedDrive. To switch/change the phone connection with the vehicle, please go to:

Communication / Manage Mobile Devices -> choose paired phone -> use/move iDrive jog to the right and select the way of the phone connection.

Voice Command Button after car play activation will work this way:

 press short to hear ConnectedDrive voice command 
 press long to hear SIRI voice command