Coding P and Q Firmware Version - App Tool Guidelines

Coding P and Q Firmware Version - App Tool Guidelines

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Features supported on new 18-11 firmware:
NBT EVO ID5/6 activation after retrofit
NBT EVO ID5/6 Carplay activation
NBT EVO ID5/6 Fullscreen Carplay activation 

Please note, you will need an ENET coding cable, Windows laptop and
internet access in your car.

Download the App Tool from here
1. Start the car and connect the cable to your laptop and car
2. Open an App Tool. The app will ask for a unique code what is generated based on the features you selected


3. Type in the code and press continue

4. Click Find Vehicle
5. Click Identify
6. When the app finished reading the car details press Start

Make sure the engine is running, cable is not disconnected during the activation, laptop is not switched off and you have stable internet connection during the full process. The code can be reused only on the same vehicle.

We have never known a system to fail an upgrade or damage any unit using one of these updates. However, if you do proceed with the activation you do so at your own risk. We offer no warranty, liability, responsibility or offer compensation should anything goes wrong

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