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Speed Limit Information activation via PC

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SLI Speed Limit Information. This feature can be coded for the following BMW series: G30 - G31 - G11- G12 and  F-series models with cameras fitted. You don't have to drive miles away and lose hours anymore to code your car. In 30min we can code your car remotely in comfort of your own home.    

Please note:  your car has to be fitted in the front cameras KAFAS4. Without the cameras, SLI coding will not work! 

How to proceed? 

There are two product options you can choose from. You can purchase: 

1. Just the FSC code: we can email it to you, but in this case please note that no support is provided if you choose to code your car yourself.

2.  Full package for remotely coding:

  • The coding cable
  • E-Sys and E-Sys launcher software
  • The FSC code

In this product option, you would need to have a Windows laptop and internet connection next to the car (office or home WiFi, mobile personal hotspot access or ethernet connection in your garage). With the package you will receive from us, we can do the car coding remotely via TeamViewer up to 30min.

After your purchase, we will request the FSC code from BMW AG and you will be contacted by us. Please note it can take up to 2 working days.



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